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STOP - An E-Mail Marketing List is The Life-Blood of Your Business!
Using An E-Mail Marketing List, and Engaging with your Clients, 
To Increase Business..
Do you struggle to get new clients through your door?
Do You know how to give them a reason to come into your shop?
When they do come in, are you or your staff recording their Name and E-mail to add to your Database?

These are all problems we face every day as a retail Owner/Manager.

My Name is Matt McMillan. I have worked in Retail for the last 25 years.

I now specialize in helping small independent businesses, branch out via Modern Social Media Marketing,  to attract, invite and convert new clients into repeat customers. That's my goal! 

Using some very simple locally targeted advertising techniques, combined with modern web sales funnels, we can dangle a very appetizing carrot in front of the noses of your prospective customers. 

Let me show you very simply how it works.
CASESTUDY: How We Took a simple 2 page Funnel, Threw in $100 of Simple Targeted Ads, And Turned It Into A Manageable Marketing Database with Customers Who STILL Keep Buying...
Starting with local advertising within your geographical area, targeting your industry and Client demographics, we only need to offer a simple sales hook, such as a one-off discount, freebie giveaway, or other value add-on to attract the customer to first exchange their Name and E-mail address for a discount code, and second, come into store to redeem their offer.
Sounds pretty simple... And It is. Yet how many Retail Business Owners and Managers Don't do this very thing??

The excuses come thick and fast..

I Don't have time to do that.
It's too expensive to place an ad.
I don't have the expertise to set it up.
I can't afford to pay a specialist to do all that for me.

The truth is.. No Managers have time.

We are the busiest group of workers in any industry. We struggle every day to get everything we need and want to completed.

It does cost money to advertise, but what your NOT spending in the right space, your are Losing 10x in your store.

Today's targeted marketing using Facebook Algorithms is by far, the most cost effective Ad Spend available to Small Business.

I recently worked with a customer who was spending $20,000 on Print Media in newspapers. Who the hell reads newspapers these days?? ..and those that do... who of those people read through and act on ads??

These days, the only reaction to ads... is a click of the mouse! You know this to be true.

Now you could contact a Social Media Marketing Specialist.
They can charge up to $10,000 per month. And if you can afford that, it probably will be worth the money you spend.

But i'm a little more realistic than that.

"What if you could acquire a customer for an average of $6.37"
Let me give you a tour...
Imagine you own a Fishing Tackle store in the Heart of the city. How do you get new customers into your store?

First we look at your target market... We looked at the research of fishermen and know your target client is between 40 and 70 years old.

Male. Lives locally within 25km. Has fishing and Boating as his recreational hobby of course. ..and loves to eat seafood.

"We can target Just These Specific Individuals. Not waste valuable advertising dollars placing our ad in front of a 22 year old female reading an ad in a fashion magazine."

This is where we start.. your ideal target audience, and then we slowly branch out from there.. ever increasing your store's awareness.
Before long, Word of mouth from these customers will take hold, and with amazing customer service and value.. you wont even need to advertise anymore.

We place a simple targeted ad, offering 15% discount (or any offer you like) when you come into store and redeem a specific voucher. And on top of that (because we love to add value) we are going to give you a small gift, just to say thank you for coming in.

We all know the hardest part is getting them into the store. When they arrive, they will see what a fantastic store you have, and anyone they talk to about fishing, will have no choice but to listen to how good your store is.

By offering this, and then accepting you offer, you have also contributed to your most valuable business asset.. Your Client List. This is a list of dedicated, industry passionate clients, that you can throw gobs of value at.

You will constantly keep them engaged, entertained, and most importantly you will keep Your Brand at the forefront of their mind, Anytime they even think about fishing.

It really is that simple. Combine that strategy with Blog, a new Facebook and Instagram page you invite them to join, A weekly E-mail newsletter and you will never be far from their thoughts.

This is our Ideal Client.. and This is how we acquire them for life.
Check out the Up-N-Running Sales funnel for yourself. Pretend you have just clicked a compelling Ad about a product you use and love.
Follow the steps through.. See how a simple cusomizable Sales Funnel could work for your business within your industry.

On the last page, you will find 2 buttons...

One of them will give you a copy of the Retail Sales Funnel.
I have built it... and now I will give it to you.. FREE.

Some Funnel Designers charge $2,000 for a simple opt-in funnel.. and why do people buy it? because its worth it.

All you need to do, to use it in your business is HOST it. This will require a couple of bits of software, that will cost you about $135 a month. And that's it.
You can even sign up for a FREE 2 week trial. It wont cost you a cent. I'm going to give you all the tools, the links, the instructions on how you can set this up for your business in just a couple of hours.

Want an even better offer? 

What if ALL of this was..
  • Set Up For You..
  • Customized to Your Business..
  • Hosted For You..
  • Managed For You..
  • And more...
What do you think all that's worth?

Retail Funnel 101

Do you think a system like that, customized to your business will help you attract new clients? This is what I am prepared to do for you..

My team and I will, analyse your business, industry and ideal customer base...
Build out a simple 2 stage sales funnel that's in line with your brand, and place some localized ads on your behalf to drive new customers directly to your business.

We are not going to charge you $10,000 a month..
Not even $5,000 a month..
Not even $2000 a month.

In fact.. I'm not even going to charge you. That's right. Not a damn thing.
If we agree to work together, you give me 1 week,
I will set everything up, and then I will run ads for you. (You just need to pay for 7 days of targeted ads - $20/Day $140 Total)

I will drive traffic to your offer and to your store.  

You ONLY PAY FOR ADS - I WILL NOT Take a fee. 

You Will Get...

  • Targeted Ads: Custom Ads to Your Business and Your Location
  • Client List: Any Prospects Added to Your Marketing List are Yours
  • Results: Run the Successful Campaign Again
  • DIY: A FULL Set of Instructions on How You Can Set Up the Same System for Yourself

If you like the Results...

If you DO see Customers, Traffic and Results...
If you DO see the value in what we provide...

Then You agree we can discuss an ongoing relationship.

..Where you will allow me and my team to handle your Social Media Marketing strategy on an on-going basis.

You will find you will be spending between $1000 - $2000 per month, but I would have already showed you the results on how we are going to achieve this..

Lets get started on the Trial...
Grab Your Own Retail Funnel 101 
No Charge for 14 Days - Cancel Anytime!
Ongoing Monthly Subscription Approx $135 / Month
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